Music Maniac Pro- Review And Comparison with Tubdiy

There are different applications for your android devices which helps you to download and stream the music online. In app store we can find many applications which help a user to stream the music files online and download the music to their device. Music Maniac pro is one of them which enable a user to listen and download the music from the internet. Unlike most of
the music downloading apps, Music Maniac Pro looks for free music which has great quality.

Before people needs to go to any particular sites for searching the music and downloading for free. It wastes our time and sometimes kills our wish to listen our favorite music. But now with this app we should not go to any site. You can simply use this app, search the music you like and listen and if you want to save it you can also download it for completely free. On the other hand, Tubidy mobile also provides more or less the same features and is also free.

Music Maniac allows a user to search for Copy left, CC Licensed and other legal songs to listen and download from the internet. In general we can say this application helps user to legally listen the music files and download them in your device without any legal problems.  You can search for any mp3 files in the internet and listen them and if you want you can also download the files to your device so that you can listen them without connecting to internet and it is all legal. With this music app, you can search an extensive data base of mp3 collection.

We can say this application is a great source to download the free songs. Search results contain full information about the title of the song, artists, and albums which makes a user easier for finding what he/ she looking for. This application filters the broken link so unlike other music downloading app, you will not be troubled by numerous broken link for your music. You can download the free music simply clicking on the link it provides and save in your sd card or you internal memory.

If you are new artist you can also upload your music in here. You can upload your music here and recommend others to listen tracks. You can upload your whole album or track so that anyone can listen and download. It helps you to gain the popularity.


Music maniac support the android version 2.3 or higher, so if you have old mobile phones you can still run it in your device and enjoy your desire to listen and download music from the internet. And also it has a small size of about 6 MB. It needs small memory size to install but still it is very powerful tool for any user who wants to download the music from the internet.

This app has managed to address all the issues that music lover might want in this type of software. This app is better option for any music lover who love music and who wants to download the free and quality music.