How to kill cockroaches Easily?

Nobody loves the cockroaches in their house. The cockroaches contact with your foods and water will have very bad impact in your health. So, it is better to control them. There are many ways you get rid of those insects.

You can get the various pest control agents in the stores to kill the cockroaches. Here we will discuss about how to control the cockroaches by killing them. Followings are some of the solutions explained for killing the cockroaches. Below mentioned ones are basically the best roach killer.

  1. Using Surface Sprays

This one of the most effective and long term cockroach control method. This spray will have the effect on the nerve function of the cockroaches’ body which will led them to paralysis and later they will die. It is very easy to use this agent. It is wise idea to use them on the crevices gaps, ceiling cracks. Cupboards, drawers, rubbish bins, shelves and other areas where the cockroaches are most found.

You should always keep it far from the foods. If you are going to use it in the food storage areas then you should make sure that you have properly sealed and remover your food from there. And also you should wash your hand properly after using it.

  1. Using Baits and Traps

Baits and traps are also the long term cockroach control method. It is very effective if it is combined with the above explained pest control agent – Surface sprays. Indoxacardis used in the baits and traps which will have the effect on the cockroaches’ nervous system which will lead them to the dehydration and then death. It should be placed in the corners and other places where the cockroaches travels the most. If you are not sure that the cockroaches will definitely reach it then you can put some sweets and fats around them to attract them. The baits and traps normally works effectively for 12 months.

  1. Using Boric acid

Use of the boric acid is another effective way to kill the cockroaches. It should be used following the proper method to make it effective. It should be applied in the thin layer and should not be made visible with the naked eye to make sure that the cockroaches will have access to it. The boric acid should be kept in the entrance place for the cockroaches. As they reach there it will stick in their body and as they try to lick it off, they will be killed.

You will be able to kill many cockroaches in your house with the above solution. But you should make sure to use them with the proper instructions. If not applied properly, it will not be more effective leading to the disappointment.

Only killing the cockroaches is not the best solution for getting rid of them. You might have killed the cockroaches that lives inside your house but it doesn’t guarantees that the other cockroaches will not enter your house again. The cockroaches will live in your house only if it is comfortable for them. So, always keep your house clean so that there is no food and water available for the insects to live.


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