The Way and Reason of Preventing Mosquito Bite

Mosquito bite is fatal in nature as it carries spores of Malaria, which may pass on from one person to another. Thus, it becomes necessary to treat and take good care of mosquito bites. Though, it would be much better to avoid experiencing such bites by taking preliminary precautions, such as hygienic surroundings, no water clogging, proper mosquito control through various chemical products, etc.

Most of the people do not take mosquito bites seriously and allow the mosquito bites to get resolved by the passage of time. One of the foremost reasons behind such attitude is a lack of proper knowledge about its consequences and how to get rid of a mosquito bite.

Getting Rid Of Mosquito Bites-

Before getting rid of them, we should know how they survive. I get a lot of questions on what do mosquitoes eat and drink. Well, they drink your blood. Just kidding.

There are many homely methods through which mosquito bites can be taken good care. Among which some are concerned with usually applying readymade ointments and lotions to soothe and nourish the skin, as well as eliminate the chances of any kind of infection.

Whereas some of them are practiced through effective homemade remedies for the very similar effect, as the former one have. The methods can be enumerated as:

  •    As soon as mosquito bite is get noticed, simply wash the hands or bite with good antiseptic hand wash solutions and let it dry well. Apply a little amount of alcohol over the bite and rub it gently until it gets dissolved properly.
  •    Hydrocortisone and calamine lotion is also widely used to settle down the itching effect, caused due to a mosquito bite. Hydrocortisone contains a little quantity of steroid, nearly 1%, whereas, calamine lotion only contains zinc and ferric oxide. Both are very effective in eradicating the itching effects caused by mosquito bites.  
  •    Using clear nail polish over the mosquito bite is also very effective in curbing down the irritation, caused because of the mosquito bite. Apply once and let it dry and simply remove it after getting it dry. Repeat the process again if required.
  •    Peel of banana is also very effective on mosquito bite and its irritation. It just requires being gently scrubbed over the bite from the inner side of the peel.
  •    Some of the essential oils are also like a boon to mosquito bites. It soothes skins and eradicates the irritation of mosquito bite. It is essential to find out the suitable sort of essential oil according to the skin nature. Prominent sort of essential oils can be named as lavender oil, oil of tea tree, etc.

Instead of treating mosquito bite it would be much better to avoid them in the first place as sometimes the malaria infection could be quick in nature to attack the immune system. It could be so quick that individual may not get the time to treat the mosquito bite. Hence, it is advised to prevent the mosquito bite as it is the best answer to how to get rid of a mosquito bite sort of situation. Applying routine practices like increasing vitamin B-1 diet, treating clogged water, proper door and window covering and wearing covered clothes are some of the basic steps against mosquito bites.

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