Best Water Softeners For Your Home

It is very important that the water you use in your house should be clean. Many people find out the water they are using in their house is a hard water. Hard water is the type of water in which contains the big amount of calcium, manganese, and the magnesium calcium.

Even if hard water is not that hazardous to drink, it might create various problems while performing the household works. For example, you will find that the shampoo and soap do not provide enough lather, the washed dishes are seen spotted, the washed clothes does not look clean enough and others. So, it is good idea to soften the hard water in the house.

There are various technology to solve the hard water problem. The various water technology found in the market can be classified into the 3 water softeners type as:-

  • Salt Based Ion Exchange Softener
  • Salt Free Water Softener
  • Magnetic Water Softener

You can find the best water softener systems in the stores. Following are some of the popular solutions:-

  1. The Fleck 5600 SXT

It is a digital metered water softener system. The system is very suitable for the medium size houses. This salt based water softening system is very effective to solve the hard water problem in your houses. The system uses salt pellets and resin beads in order to soften the water.

  1. The Nuvo H2O

The Nuvo H2O technology is a salt-free water softening technology and is preferred by many customers as we all know salt-free technologies are very effective. This solution is best for the medium-large households. It is being popular as its system do not affect the drinking water.

  1. The Eddy Electric Water Descaler

It is one of the popular water softening technology that is popular for its easy method of installation. The magnetic based water softening system is specially designed for the small size houses where the hard water level is medium or low. However, if you are looking for the water softener in the big size house with a high level of hard water then it is not recommended for you.

  1. The Watts RV PRO 100 or M7002

This portable salt based water softener system is very suitable for the small apartments. As already mentioned as the portable water softener, you can take it wherever you go. Hence this is made for you if you are living in a travel or in camp and you are having the problem of the hard water.

It is very easy to carry it with you as it is only 8 X 22 inches in the size.

  1. Aquasana EQ SS20 SimplySoft Water

Aquasana EQ SS20 SimplySoft Water uses the salt-free system to soften the hard water. The use of the innovative SLOW PHOS technology within it converts the hard water into the soft water with the natural conditioning of the water. It has been successful to be known as one of the best water softening tools for being eco-friendly in nature.

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