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Figuring Out a Right Pair of Shoe for Professional Purposes

Shoes are some essential sort of accessory, to which everyone comes to use in routine life. As being so common sort of accessory in nature, most of the time people do not consider the significance of selecting right kind of shoe pairs according to their feet. Every person’s foot contour is different in some way and it could be really hard to identify the correct pair of shoes as per the best of the fitting around the feet.

Professionals who are in such line of work which takes more time in standing, walking or running, requires completely different sorts of shoe types which are best to serve in accordance with the nature of the job. people, especially women, working at hospitals, customer counters, receptions, sales , teaching and sports persons falls under such category and require a pair of shoe which can provide better comforts while the long duration of standing hours, as well as, relaxing support to the tendons. There are shoes that are most comfortable shoes for standing all day.

There are various companies or brands which make best shoes for standing all day for women, and one easily finds a right pair of shoes among these brand names.

Some Leading Shoe Variants Ideal for All Day Standing Purposes

It is very essential to have a correct pair of shoes when any women are indulged in a kind of arduous standing jobs. Otherwise, it would definitely lead towards worst medical conditions, which takes painful, long and expensive way to treatment. Some of the well known and often prescribe shoe types to meet such standing requirements, can be enumerated as:

  1. Dr. Scholl’s ballet flat women’s friendly shoes

It is a kind of slipper style ballet shoes, with very low heel option. It has a classic and stylish look which enables women to confidently pursue their jobs, as the classic look carried by this shoe type provides styling and professional look to the person as well. Due to its minimal heel option, it is very much comfortable while long hours of walking and standing. The cushioning and padding of the base of this shoe is very foamy, which is responsible for aforesaid comfort level. These are among the top rated best shoes for standing all day for women.

  1. Dansko Eartha Clog for Women  

This is another most admired and frequently opted shoe type for standing job oriented women’s. This shoe comes in a stylish and trendy appearance, as it has a knitted lining and suede upper designs. Because of its light weighted and comfortable padding features, this shoe pair can be retained easily for a long duration of working hour, irrespective of its condition, either in standing or walking both.

  1. Timberland Pro Renova Slip-On for Women’s  

It is one of a diehard professional shoe, meant to be worn by the workers, who are indulged in such a profession which requires continuous standing and walking for long hours. The padding or cushioning and rubberized platform sole makes this shoe pair ideal for long working hours. Though, they are not so light weighted in its class, like that of various other shoe types, but are well authorized by orthopedics to wear it professionally, for long hours.

Walking shoes- the supporter and protector on the move

Today’s life of sheer hustle and bustle floods us with stress and anxiety, and exercise and a miles walk can be an effective stress buster. But it’s just not enough to get on walking without the much essential walking shoes. Walking shoes are just not any other shoes, these shoes are crafted to effectively cut down the stress that the feet receive and to provide the maximum amount of support possible. These shoes are a perfect blend of comfort and support and are therefore your most needed road buddies.


   Picking up the right walking shoe can be very challenging but if a few points are taken into account it will be a cakewalk.

  •    Flexibility- the flexibility of the sole is of utmost importance. The flexibility can be checked by trying to bend the sole.
  •    Comfort and support- providing comfort and support to the walker is the main purpose of the walking shoes. Therefore, the fit and comfort of the shoe must be checked.
  •    Shock absorption – the shoe must have the maximum possible degree of shock absorption to allow complete protection.
  •    Waterproofing- the waterproof quality of the shoe is much needed to ensure round the year use of the shoe. A soggy shoe is certainly not desirable.
  •    Lightweight- the shoe that is best for walking is the one with a very light weight.

If these features can be combined in a single walking shoe for men it will certainly rank as the best walking shoes for men.

The few top ones that have made to the top of the list of best walking shoes for men are.

  •    Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip- on this incredible walking shoe makes it to the top of the list because of a variety of features such as
  1.    Vamp heel cushioned with memory foam.
  2.    Full-length Goga mat insole
  3.    Lightweight
  4.    Slip on
  5.    Rubber sole with excellent grip.
  •    Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking shoe- this shoe is an excellent blend of comfort and fashion and has features that give it a place among the few best walking shoes for men. Its unique features are.
  1.    Ventilated mesh panels
  2.    Good traction due to the rubber soles
  3.    Padded collar and tongue
  4.    Biomorphic upper fits
  5.    GEL cushioning for maximum shock absorption.
  •    Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe-the Rockport eureka has secured its position as one of the best walking shoes because of its features like
  1.    Moisture wicking design
  2.    Synthetic sole
  3.    Latex foam footbed
  4.    Padded tongue collar
  5.    Lace-up vamp design
  •    New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe-  is the other much sought after walking shoe. New Balance provides the perfect blend of comfort and support by assembling the following features together.
  1.    Great midsole support
  2.    Shock absorbent cushioning
  3.    Excellent midfoot support
  4.    Stability web
  5.    Protective overlay for the toe

 So don’t sit back and wonder anymore. Give your feet the comfort and support of the best walking shoes (check reviews) available in the market.